Actor Isaiah Washington is in the hot seat yet again after sharing a Facebook post in which he wondered if his elementary school teacher’s children were impacted by his family’s kindness. In case you missed it, the former Grey’s Anatomy star recently shared a Facebook post showing a photo of two white women and a baby in Klu Klux Klan attire, along with a caption addressing the racial discrimination he endured as a child growing up in Houston.

“I had some of the best elementary school teachers and even some neighbors that I knew were Klan Members back in Texas while growing up,” his controversial post began. “I knew where They stood with me and They also knew where I stood with Them. The boundaries were very, very clear and I still played with Their kids, I just couldn’t drink from Their outside water hose or come inside Their house to eat and Their houses were usually much smaller than what I grew up in.”

The 59-year-old actor went on to say that despite being mistreated due to being Black, his family always welcomed anyone into their home with open arms. “My mother never refused to let Their kids into her house to eat a summer lunch and drink from our vintage JFK water glasses,” he continued.

He concluded his Facebook post by saying that he still thinks about those friends from time and time, and even wonders if his family’s kindness rubbed off on them: “I can’t help but wonder today, if Their kids are vigorously supporting me as an actor today, simply because I showed Them love and respect as a true Texan and a true American, even when Their parents and grandparents forbid Them to reciprocate it publicly. I wonder…”

Unsurprisingly, Washington’s thoughts were met with instant backlash with one user commenting, “This is such backwards and harmful rhetoric. Nevermind that these children were learning racism and violence in their homes which they will in turn teach to the next generation. Let’s just keep being good stewards and turn the other cheek. Ridiculous!”

“This story ain’t the flex you think it is and I’m actually embarrassed that you think this story is dope,” another person wrote.

“All this did was make them think their behavior was okay,” someone else responded. “That’s why so many walk around still hateful and entitled today. Because they got away with it and continue to get away with it. This makes me sick.”

In response to the overwhelming backlash he received, Washington followed up with another post to his Facebook page. This time, he clapped back at everyone for their “fake outrage.”

The post read: “Muthafuggga’s of all ethnicities and genders all over America just love to post their fake outrage regarding my truth telling and don’t say a word about the city, state and federal political figures that are taking their tax money and giving it away to foreign governments and keeping them so unemployable and uneducated that they have the time to comment about what I’m saying or what they think I’m saying as told to them by the fake news. GTFOH with that SUCKA WEAK S**T. #Truthdom”