In 2011, Channel 4 ordered a second season of the 4-part drama/thriller Top Boy, which stars Ashley Walters, thanks to strong audience response, and critical acclaim after the first season aired that year.

Season 2 will also comprise of 4 episodes, just like season 1, and returns to your screens (if you’re in the UK) on Channel 4 TONIGHT, August 20th at 9pm

Season 1 never did air in the USA, although it’s available on DVD on Netflix to rent. It was streaming at one point, but no longer is. Given the success of the first season, I wouldn’t be surprised if an online Stateside platform like Hulu makes a bid for exclusive USA rights to the series.

Those of you in the UK, if you missed Channel 4’s broadcast of season 1 of Top Boy, you should know that all 4 episodes are available for viewing online via the channel’s website HERE.

The gritty 4-part drama series is expected to continue with a new season that sees a lot more drama than its predecessor, and is expected to be an even bigger success than the first series, with hints that there may even be a third season in the pipeline! 

But for now, Top Boy season 2 returns to your screens (if you’re in the UK) TONIGHT, August 20th at 9pm,on Channel 4.

Ahead of that, Channel 4 has release another new tease from the new season, which is embedded below. Underneath that, you’ll find a clip from episode 1 of the series, followed by an earlier teaser: