Remember J. Holiday? If not, he’s the guy who swore he would put you to bed, bed, bed in 2007. 

Anyway, the singer experienced a very embarrassing moment when a woman mistook him for a valet person while he was ranting about being one of the kings of R&B. The rant was sparked by a video of fellow singer Jacquees claiming he held the title.

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“That bulls**t that man said, there’s three kings of R&B. The first one sold 20 million on his first album. The second king of R&B is from Chicago,” he said.

As J. Holiday ran his mouth, a woman walked up on him and asked if he was a valet person.

“Not with a Gucci jacket on,” he replied before continuing with his rant.

“And the third one is from Tappahannock. Four and five right here,” he added, pointing to himself and some random guy.

Many people got a kick out of this moment.

J. Holiday isn’t the only crooner who disagrees with Jacquees. Several other R&B singers reacted to the comment including John Legend and Kehlani.

Jacquees appears to stand by his assertion based on his Twitter activity.

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