Five months after being shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and nearly losing his life, Jacob Blake spoke up for the first time on Thursday in an interview with Good Morning America's Michael Strahan, saying that he "didn't want to be the next George Floyd."

The 29-year-old Black man, who is now paralyzed from the waist down due to the shooting, said his children were in the car when the officer shot him multiple times.

"I kind of sat down in the car, put my hands up, because I didn't want him to shoot me in my face or in my head or nothing. He just kept shooting, kept shooting," Blake said.

The wounded father then turned to his children.

"My babies are right here, my babies. So after he stopped shooting me, I said, 'Daddy loves you, no matter what,'" he told Strahan. "I thought it was going to be the last thing I say to them. Thank God it wasn't."

A video of the incident shows Blake walking away from the police and opening his car door when one officer grabs his shirt and shoots him from behind, as Blavity previously reported. While police said they were responding to a domestic dispute call, witnesses said that Blake was trying to deescalate an altercation between two young women. 

Blake confirmed the witness accounts in the latest interview, saying that a fight broke out between a neighbor and Laquisha Booker, the mother of three of his children. Blake said he was leaving his son's birthday party with his kids when he had to stop and try to stop the fight. 

Rusten Sheskey, one of the officers responding to the scene, fired seven shots into Blake's back. The shooting added more fuel to nationwide Black Lives Matter protests of the summer, sparked by the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

"I didn't want to be the next George Floyd," Blake told Good Morning America. "I didn't want to die."

He also admitted to picking up a knife that he had dropped during the encounter with police. 

"I shouldn't have picked it up. I wasn't thinking clearly," he said, adding that he planned to put the knife in the SUV and then lay on the ground to surrender. 

The court made a ruling in Blake's case last week, deciding that Sheskey will not face criminal charges, as Blavity previously reported

“My decision now that I announce today is that no Kenosha law enforcement officer, in this case, will be charged with any criminal offense,” Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley said during a press conference recently.