NFL star Jalen Hurts continues to find new level of success in his career. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who has already led his team to the Super Bowl, is now celebrating a new deal with Jordan Brand.

Hurts officially revealed his historic partnership to the public on Monday when he appeared in his first Jordan Brand commercial, which is narrated by Travis Scott.

“Faith is what makes you fearless. Believing what others can’t see. This is just the beginning,” Scott is heard saying in the inspiring clip. “Welcome to the fam.”

The ad shows a glimpse of Hurts’ grueling day-to-day activities, beginning with his 5 a.m. workouts. As Travis continues to narrate the story of the inspiring quarterback, the ad features several heartwarming clips to illustrate Hurts’ rise from his childhood days, to college, to the NFL.

According to Andscape, Hurts wore the jumpman logo on his cleats throughout the 2022 NFL season.

“I’m excited and thankful to join the Jordan Brand,” Hurts said in a statement to Andscape. “I share a lot of important qualities with the Jumpman: dedication to goals, commitment to excellence and values, and an unwavering sense of self-belief that not only drives me but inspires me to make an impact for the next generation.”

The 25-year-old Eagles star is one of three NFL quarterbacks who is currently signed with the Jordan Brand. The other two are Dallas Cowboys’ star Dak Prescott and Carolina Panthers rookie Bryce Young.

“It takes a special type of athlete to be a part of the Jordan Brand, so we’re thrilled to welcome Jalen to the family,” Jordan Brand president Sarah Mensah told Andscape.

Hurts led Philadelphia to a 14-1 regular season record and two playoff wins a season ago. His team came up short in the Super Bowl, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs.