James Harden was briefly stopped and frisked in Paris on Thursday when police found him near a car which carried marijuana, an illegal substance in France.

The NBA superstar, who was visiting the country to attend Fashion Week, happened to be nearby on a popular street when he saw officers stopping the car which they said smelled of weed, ESPN reports

As Harden tried to intervene, police searched him briefly and let him go. According to CBS Sports, rapper Lil Baby is believed to be among those who was in the car with the cannabis inside of it. The city prosecutor's office said the American rapper was detained Thursday for allegedly transporting drugs. One other person was also detained, but their identity hasn't yet been released. 

Video of Thursday's incident shows Harden saying "I don't understand," while being searched by police.

The Brooklyn Nets star, who was originally supposed to be in Las Vegas this week training for the Olympics with Team USA, dropped out after getting injured during the NBA Playoffs. 

According to The New York Post, Harden served as an executive producer on Lil Baby's Voice of Heroes album. The two Americans were greeted by a host of paparazzi when they arrived in Paris for Fashion Week.