Jamie Foxx is continuing to show encouraging signs after facing health concerns in recent months. The 55-year-old actor, who was seen waving to fans from a boat over the weekend, is now spotted in another video which shows him playing golf. According to TMZ, the latest clip was recorded at Topgolf in Naperville, Illinois on Saturday night. A witness who spoke with TMZ said the actor appeared to have a better swing than most people at the venue.

“He was walking regular, not dragging his leg. His arm movement were definitely good,” the witness told TMZ. “He was just regular Jamie.”

The multi-talented entertainer was recovering at a rehab facility located near Topgolf after facing health issues in April.

As TMZ also reported, Foxx also helped a woman who lost her purse in Chicago later that day. As TMZ stated, “The man who posted the video says his mother had lost her handbag, and apparently, Jamie found it … and somehow tracked down the group. You clearly see him smiling and hopping back into his ride after handing her the purse.”

As Blavity previously reported, fans were also relieved after seeing the video of Foxx waving to people while sailing along the Chicago River on Sunday. The encouraging signs come after months of rumors regarding the actor’s health.

In May, Corrine Foxx went to Instagram to calm the rumors about her father’s health.

“Update from family: Sad to see how the media runs wild,” Corinne wrote on her Instagram Story. “My Dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating. In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support!”

Foxx also delivered a message to his fans while he was hospitalized.

“Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories on May 3.

Although the family hasn’t clarified the star’s diagnosis, Corrine said her father was hospitalized for an “undisclosed medical condition.” According to Corrine, Foxx was hospitalized after shooting his film, Back in Action, in Georgia.  

“We wanted to share that, my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday, [April 11],” the 29-year-old daughter wrote on Instagram, according to Deadline. “Luckily, due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery.”