How far can determination take a person?

According to The Chi’s Jason Weaver and Jacob Latimore, their character’s journey in season 6 of the beloved series might just be able to provide fans with an answer.

“All of the characters in this season are determined to go somewhere,” Weaver told Shadow and Act in a recent interview. “They’re determined to do something and to accomplish something. In Emmett’s case, with him being the head of a blended family now and trying to work that out, he’s determined as a young Black man to keep that intact and to make sure that happens. In my case, Rahsaad is determined to continue to be or try to be an upstanding citizen, just now coming out of the criminal justice center. In Luke [James’] case, he’s determined to be a pillar of the community and a strong leader in the community.”

In the next chapter of the show, created by Chicago native Lena Waithe, each of the characters is reassessing their determination to rise above any of the circumstances they face.

With that willpower, audiences will be able to further pinpoint the growth trajectory of each character, especially with Latimore as Emmett.

“We’re seeing him in this place where he’s thriving,” said Latimore. “His business is exactly how he always wanted it, but it comes with this cost of just everything and we see him deal with these emotions that he has to deal with alone. I think we’re going to touch more on how relatable that is for a lot of men who are leading a household, who want to come back home and bring that good energy to the household and not the outside of what he dealt with at work or out or whatever.”

Furthermore, Latimore revealed that it will speak to the strength of his relationship with Keisha (Birgundi Baker).

“It also tests Emmett’s and Keisha’s relationship and we see this young couple working through these very hard situations,” he shared. “The events that are happening will have you on the edge of your seat this season, you know. You’re gonna be stressed out and uncomfortable.”

What’s more, Weaver notes that the lives of each character will intertwine in a way that has never been seen before.

“The way, traditionally, that the show has always been presented and how the characters’ lives intertwine with one another, you will continue to see that because that’s what makes it The Chi, these lives going in and out of one another like this one community,” he said. “But, I think to harken back to what Jacob was saying, what audiences are really going to get a chance to see is just a more in-depth side of these characters, especially when you know the image of the characters. What we ultimately end up doing with our characters is helping each other along the way and encouraging one another and communicating and providing support for one another, even as far as it relates to mental health.”

Part one of season 6 of The Chi is now airing on Showtime.