It's been a day full of JAY-Z news!

Earlier we learned that Jay doesn't seem to be into calls to boycott the NFL given that he may be headlining the Super Bowl.

And now, Saturday Night Live has made a Mr. Knowles announcement of its own.

The variety show announced via social media that the host and musical guest of its season 43 premiere will be none other than actor Ryan Gosling and Shawn Carter, respectively.

The two may seem an unlikely duo, but there is something of a connection.

JAY-Z references Gosling's recent hit movie La La Land in his song "Moonlight:" "We stuck in La La Land/Even if we win, we gonna lose."

This, of course, is a nod to the moment when La La Land was mistakenly announced as the winner of last year's Best Picture Oscar. Moonlight was the actual winner.

Gosling, despite his shocked reaction at the Oscars, gave a pleasant response following the mishap.

"What can you say? I was very happy for Moonlight at the same time," Gosling said. "It's such a wonderful film. It's great to see such great work acknowledged."

Will SNL's writers mine this for jokes?

It would certainly be the icing the "cake, cake-cake, cake-cake, cake."