I use to be a die-hard House fan but haven't been able to keep up lately.  However, that may change because according to TV Line famed actor Jeffrey Wright will be making a guest appearance.

The actual plot of the episode is a closely, guarded secret but Wright will play a…"renowned neurosurgeon who is both Foreman’s mentor and the arbitrator of House’s fate."  So basically, sparks will fly!

By the way, in case you've been living under a rock, House is a medical drama that revolves around the uncoventional, eccentric character Dr. Gregory House played by Huge Laurie.

So what made Wright join the ranks of accomplished film actors jumping into television lately?  According to the director of the show, Greg Yaitanes, it's the superb writing.

This is an example of great writing attracting great talent.  We are thrilled to have Jeffrey join us.  He brings the heft and magnitude you dream of when pitting a character like this against House," he said.

The episode will air early 2012.  This should be a good one.