ESPN Sports Journalist Jemele Hill recently said she's not made at ESPN after they suspended her for two weeks over one of her tweets where she suggested that people should boycott the Dallas Cowboys' sponsors.

In a recent airport interview with TMZ, Hill said to a reporter that she "deserved [the] suspension" that ESPN handed down two weeks ago for her comments on Twitter.

“So, here’s how this works: It doesn’t really matter what I think. It matters to people, but here’s the reality: ESPN acted what they felt was right, and, you know, I don’t have any argument or quibble with that," Hill said in the interview. "I would tell people, absolutely, after my Donald Trump tweets, I deserved that suspension. I deserved it. Like, absolutely. I violated the policy; I deserved that suspension.”

While Hill believes she deserved the suspension, she said she would only apologize for putting ESPN in a tough position after her controversial political tweets.

“The only thing I’ll ever apologize for is, I put ESPN in a bad spot," she said. "I’ll never take back what I said. I put them in a bad spot, that’s the truth of it. I regret the position I put them in. I regret, a lot of the people I work with, the position we put our show in. I’ll never take back what I said.”

Hill assures us that there were never any restrictions put on her and she'll be back to her usual Twitter behaviors really soon. See the full interview below.