After a clip went viral of Jim Jones disputing Pusha T’s place on Billboard’s Top 50 Rappers list, everyone is convinced Jones believes Pusha T’s spot is questionable at best.

While many may be quick to claim Jones is an unsolicited hater, he seems to be trying to understand the thought process behind their criteria and what exactly Pusha T has done in his career that would elevate him to this status. 

Jones asked on the Rap Caviar podcast, “What has he done that puts him in the greatest rappers of all time? Besides talk about cocaine that he probably didn’t get himself. He could rap his ass off, but what has he done? Nobody has dressed like him. Nobody wants to be like Pusha T. I don’t remember nothing.”

His comments sparked online debates, with many people believing that if Pusha T could rank No. 29, it would make sense for other rappers, such as Gucci Mane, to be ranked in the top 10.

On Friday, Jones was a guest on The Breakfast Club. Instead of going back on his outlook about Pusha T’s placement, he took the opportunity to double down on his initial statements. He asked DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God to name five of Pusha T’s records. 

“Could you name five Pusha T records?” he asked the hosts. “No, could you rap to five Pusha T records? Could you rap five JAY-Z verses if they came on? Could you rap five Drake verses if they came on? You lying because you work at radio. I’m just gonna say that because n****s gonna say Jim went way wildin’.”

Following this line of interrogation, poking fun at the relevance of Pusha T’s discography, Jones clarified he does not harbor any ill feelings toward Pusha T, but he wouldn’t place him on his personal top rappers’ list. 

“Shoutout to Pusha T, I love your soul,” Jones continued. “You my dawg, you not in my top 50. You might be in Charlamagne’s top 50 and things like that, but you haven’t done that much for me in my life. I never wanted to be like Pusha; I never had a Pusha moment in my life. Where I’m from, n****s wanted to be like you if you were really that dude as a rapper.”

While many might try to twist his sentiments into a full-fledged beef, Jones has set the record straight to where he stands.