When most people reflect on the 2008 presidential election, they remember it as the moment that America ushered in its first black commander-in-chief. Though undoubtedly the most significant result of that night, the election of President Obama wasn’t the only highlight. On November 4th, 2008, America also made Joe Biden the vice president of the nation.

Joe Biden is best described as America’s no-filter grandparent — you know, the one who has no boundaries and is more than comfortable saying whatever is on his or her mind. Everybody in the family loves them, but is also always a little hesitant to bring them around new people.

It’s this IDGAF personality that makes Joe Biden the perfect vice president in this political climate. He contrasts President Obama’s serious, contemplative persona, and brings some levity and humor into the government’s sterile bureaucracy. He also isn’t afraid to call out republicans while being very forthcoming with the facts. Although President Obama prefers to sip tea, Biden will straight up put these folks on blast.

So, without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane and reflect on Vice President Joe Biden’s most classic moments.

  1. My personal favorite comes from the vice presidential debate in 2011, during which Biden A-town-stomped vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan. After Ryan attempted to call the Obama administration weak on foreign policy in the Middle East, Biden responded, “With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey.” When the host asked Biden why, he explained, “Because not a single thing [Ryan] said is accurate.” At this point I’m cracking up, because 1. only Biden would use “malarkey” as a euphemism for bullshit and 2. the entire time Biden is taking shots at Ryan, he’s wearing the largest Cheshire grin. It’s legitimately the most endearing diss ever. 


  2. In his typical no-filter, no-chill fashion, Biden also preempted the administration’s announcement of its position on gay marriage, stating that he was, in no uncertain terms, “absolutely comfortable” with it. Obama wasn’t too pleased, and Biden ended up offering an apology, but shoutout to him for speeding up the President’s snail-paced progressive agenda.
  3. Recently, Biden took a similar, “who gon check me boo?” stance backstage at an event organized by the Latino Victory Project. He told the activists to “make no damn apology for anything,” and encouraged them to push forward immigration reform. While most politicians tip-toe around their true political beliefs, Biden isn’t afraid to be blunt.
  4. Biden is also totally comfortable calling out republicans for their bigotry. When campaigning during the 2012 election, he blatantly told the audience, which was about 50 percent black, that Mitt Romney’s economic policy was going to put them “back in chains.” Republicans were pissed. But, where is the lie though?


  5. Biden also referred to house republicans as “neanderthals” in 2013, when they came out against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. 


  6. Biden continued taking shots at republicans just last week when he referred to the party’s presidential candidates as homophobes during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner. He explained to the audience that most Americans support LGBTQ rights, but that there are definitely still homophobes and “most of them are running for President.” He’s looking at you, Ted Cruz. And you, Ben Carson. And you, Rick Santorum. And you, Mike Huckabee. And you, Marco Rubio.
  7. But, you don’t have to be a republican for Joe Biden to low-key come for you. This week, Biden told the audience at an event that if he didn’t wrap up soon, he’d be “‘demoted’ to Secretary of State.” Given that Biden may be running for president in 2016, this feels like a side-eye to Hillary Clinton, who was also considered for President Obama’s VP position, but was picked for Secretary of State instead.


  8. Then, there was the time that Biden had a senior moment and thought he was the President of the United States. In 2013, at the inaugural ball for the Iowa State Society, he announced very confidently, “I’m proud to be the president of the United States.” When the audience laughed, he went into a convoluted backtrack saying, “I’m proud to be vice president of the United States, and I’m prouder to be Barack Obama, President Barack Obama’s vice president.” After that, all he could do was chuckle. You’ve gotta love him.https://youtu.be/KrLW2Iy6UhQ?t=19


  9. The greatest thing about Joe Biden, though, is his never-wavering support for President Obama. He will always be right behind the President with a don’t-mess-with-the-winning-team stank face. He stays looking more than ready to lay down a fire verse over a Zaytoven beat.

Although I’m sad to see President Obama leave office next year, I will also shed a tear for Joe Biden’s departure. He’s certainly given us some golden political moments since 2008. There’s a small chance he might be running for President, which means we’ll get even more of our favorite VP. And maybe, if he can work toward redemption for passing the crime bills that introduced mandatory minimums and become a stronger advocate for racial justice, I’ll even vote for him in 2016. Come on Joe, I know you have it in you.

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