Jonathan Majors has finally heard his fate in his domestic abuse case.

Variety reports that the Loki and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania actor has been sentenced to one year of domestic violence counseling as a result of a jury convicting him on two misdemeanor counts of harassment and assault last year.

Majors must finish a 52-week in-person domestic violence program in Los Angeles, and eventually there will be an opportunity for Majors to attend “partly virtual” sessions. Majors must also continue his mental therapy sessions he’s currently taking part in and must continually give progress updates.

Another part of his sentencing is having a permament protection order against him having any contact with his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. If he violates this at all, he could be sent to jail.

Jabbari issued a victim impact statement about how she feels Majors will hurt another woman in the future.

“[Majors] is not sorry and has not accepted responsibilty [for his actions]…He will do it again. He will hurt another woman,” she said. “This is a man who believes he’s above the law. I had a career and life and body, all of which he’s damaged. …I will not rest until he’s not a danger. He refuses to acknowledge guilt and take responsibilty. He remains a danger to all those around him. I’ve seen his anger and he doesn’t have control over it.”

Majors’ lawyers Priya Chaudhry and Seth Zuckerman claimed Jabbari’s statement places unncessary blame on Majors. They called the assertions “abhorrent” and “horrific.”

The sentencing is the result of a tumultuous year for Majors, who lost his rising status in Hollywood after being accused of physical harassment and abuse by Jabbari early 2023. During the trial, Majors debuted his new relationship Meagan Good, something that has confused many of Good’s fans. Both Good and Majors have talked about their new relationship, in which Majors claims he’s found the woman he’s been looking for.