Get Out director Jordan Peele visited UCLA students during a class inspired by the themes of liberal racism and horror presented in the film.   

Tananarive Due, horror author, filmmaker and UCLA professor of the course "The Sunken Place: Racism, Survival and the Black Horror Aesthetic," shared photos of Peele's planned visit in a Facebook post published Friday, Oct. 13. In that post, Due gave a play-by-play rundown of how she and Peele coordinated the surprise and how he managed to disguise himself in plain sight. 

"I reached back out through a DM to let them know we'd love for Jordan Peele to come to class," she wrote. "They were always responsive, but last week they picked a date – but Peele wanted it to be a surprise for the class. So, BOOM: we planned it to the minute (with help from Eboni Shaw in the African-American Studies office)."

Peele was disguised in a baseball cap and a hoodie and he was escorted to the dean's office prior to the start of her class. Then, he snuck in and took a seat in the back while Due screened a crucial scene of Get Out

"… When [Steve Barnes] turned the lights back on, I asked, 'What do you think the director is trying to say about the coveting of black bodies?' From the back, still in his hoodie, Peele raised his hand. I said, 'You – in the back.' Then he stood up, and THE CLASS WENT WILD."

As Blavity reported previously,  the course dives into the cinematic history of blackness in horror films starting as far back as D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation.

And Get Out has served as a discussion starter for larger social issues ranging from microaggressions, racism in medicine and interracial dating that have not been showcased in a film like this before. So, the class filled up as soon as Due announced that she created and announced it. 

The superstar director took questions, engaged with the class proving he really is that woke and hung around to snap some photos cementing the visit's place in history.