In an industry that is littered with manufactured talent and over-processed tunes, it’s refreshing and so necessary to encounter a true musical genius in Josiah Bell. If you’ve never heard the sultry sounds of the man behind the “Love Movement,” it’s time you got acquainted. Here are five reasons to fall in with Josiah Bell.

1. His voice COULD be an aphrodisiac

Comparing him to John Legend meets D’Angelo meets Stevie Wonder would do the man no justice. Josiah Bell holds his own ground when it comes to his melodic gifts. His voice takes you to a place of good vibes, sweet memories and passionate love. Eargasm? Maybe. Alright, alright. Just watch.

2. He’s true to this, not new to this

Having worked with the likes of JohnnySwim, Estelle, Vickie Winans, Smokie Norful and so many more, Josiah Bell is already an extremely accomplished songwriter, musician and producer. His song, “Change in the Weather,” was hand-picked by Jada Pinkett Smith for the season one finale of TNT’s Hawthorne. His soulful influence in music is only growing with the upcoming debut of his latest EP, Love Moon.

3. He honors his queen

Josiah Bell is married to the beautiful and acclaimed actress, Jurnee Smollett — just in case you wanted to know to whom his love songs were dedicated. The gorgeous, young power couple can frequently be found sharing love notes and their mutual admiration of good music on their respective social media feeds. The couple recently celebrated their 5th year of marriage. Awe #BlackLove.

Photo: Instagram Jurnee Smollett Bell

4. The Love Movement

We’re not quite sure yet what the Love Movement actually is, but Josiah Bell has been hinting at a possible resurgence of the timeless love songs that knocked us off our feet… the classy way. His music celebrates that Michelle and Obama, Jay-Z and Bey type of love, not whatever Tyga and Kylie call their interactions. Although his movement might be subtle, it’s the kind that could last through the ages.

5. His New song, “Love Moon” will give you chills

Josiah Bell has been a little hush-hush on the release date of the forthcoming EP, but he has released the title track, “Love Moon,” which I hope can hold us over in the meantime.