It is no secret that, besides clothing and jewelry, hairstyles are a major contributor to the lasting and most popular fashion trends in media and entertainment culture. A "lewk" can be made or broken based on the hairdo that tops it off, literally. Our hair tells a story and makes a statement before we even speak.

What's even more undeniable is the influence Black culture has had on the hair trends that have become so mainstream today.

Our hair is not only a significant topic of conversation in pop culture but it is the talk of the town amongst our curlfriends, family, barbershops and every other network of people like us, with hair unique and versatile. From the TWA (teeny, weenie afro) to Lemonade braids, our hair is limitless and the care we put into it can almost be linked to the love we have for ourselves. So, finding the right tools and products to help us maintain our coils is vital. You can never go wrong with giving hair care essentials as gifts to your loved ones.

Here are seven Black-owned brand gift ideas for the hair care extraordinaire in your close circle, this giving season.