It is no secret that, besides clothing and jewelry, hairstyles are a major contributor to the lasting and most popular fashion trends in media and entertainment culture. A "lewk" can be made or broken based on the hairdo that tops it off, literally. Our hair tells a story and makes a statement before we even speak.

What's even more undeniable is the influence Black culture has had on the hair trends that have become so mainstream today.

Our hair is not only a significant topic of conversation in pop culture but it is the talk of the town amongst our curlfriends, family, barbershops and every other network of people like us, with hair unique and versatile. From the TWA (teeny, weenie afro) to Lemonade braids, our hair is limitless and the care we put into it can almost be linked to the love we have for ourselves. So, finding the right tools and products to help us maintain our coils is vital. You can never go wrong with giving hair care essentials as gifts to your loved ones.

Here are seven Black-owned brand gift ideas for the hair care extraordinaire in your close circle, this giving season.

Canviiy organic-based products

This Black-owned hair care line has the perfect items for the natural hair lover in your life who is looking for products to ward off dry scalp and irritation, with soothing relief. Their ScalpBliss Serum collection is perfect for psoriasis or just general itchy scalp for the everyday person. From the Itch-Calming Serum to the Scalp Purifying Foam, Canviiy's organic-based products will be a refreshing treat for the heart and the helm.

Arcani Coil Care's Enthroned Edges

If you have been on social media at all this year, then it is very likely that you have seen advertisements for Arcani Coil Care's Enthroned Edges, edge control gel. Well, it lives up to all the hype, all of the time. The originator of the #rubchallenge, where clients and stylists are proving the sustainability of the edge control once it is applied and set, this product helps women to slay the little fly away hairs that frame our faces, without having to restyle multiple times a day. So, if your aunt sweats her edges out while doing the percolator every year at the holiday party, this might be the best gift to get her, and everyone else with volatile baby hairs.

The Follicle Enhancer from Edge Naturale

Since we are on the topic of keeping it cute with our Chilli-inspired baby hair, let's get into another amazing product that will help restore your edges to glory. The Follicle Enhancer from Edge Naturale helps regrow thinning hair and natural edges. The perfect gift for any women who may be experiencing postpartum hair loss or even the man in your life whose beard may be a little patchy, because sometimes, the beard needs a little help to connect, this easy to apply cream product will nourish your thinned out hair and bring back the fullness. It's the best little stocking stuffer for the season full of joy. 

Mielle Organics

Always bringing their A-game with a variety of new and healthy haircare specific products, Mielle Organics is easily a go-to brand for obtaining the perfect curl and moisture balance, for virtually any curl type. Founded by a former nurse who experimented with creating hair products for herself and her family, these products are tested and proven to be some of the most effective in restoring hair health, volume, shine, and definition. The Rosemary Mint Strengthening Shampoo and Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner are the perfect gifts. 


Initially created as a monthly subscription box that provided carefully selected, natural ingredients and recipes so that customers could mix and create their ideal product, Curl Mix has evolved into a full collection with five products comprised of four easy steps to create! This is the perfect gift for the product junky who is also a bit of a science geek. 

The Coil Brush

Everybody with a hair texture other than bone straight knows the woes of having to detangle your hair on wash day: an absolute drag and a whole day of labor if you don't have the right tools. That is why this brush is the perfect gift for those with tangly tresses. The Coil Brush is specially designed to get between every coil and kink without yanking at your head and hurting your arms. 

Alodia Hair Care

When it comes to products for easy, everyday styling of beautiful flowing hair, Alodia Hair Care is just right for the occasion. Their wash and go kit is so simple to use and works on virtually every hair type. Alodia's products are scientifically crafted to induce natural hair growth, maintain hair health and promote beautiful, lasting volume. This gift will be just right for that "long hair, don't care" friend. 

Whether you're buying for yourself or for the hair care king or queen that is dear to your heart, giving any of these items as gifts this holiday season is sure to spread some cheer and make some amazing photo ops.