Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat has been arrested after chaos erupted at a gathering he organized in New York City’s Union Square. Thousands of people showed up at Union Square after Cenat promised free Playstation consoles, but then became furious when they learned that there is no giveaway, ABC News reported. Outraged people were seen jumping on cars or throwing plywood and other objects.

Police rushed to the scene in tactical gear and arrested dozens of people. Cenat was among those who were arrested according to a tweet from journalist Ed Krassenstein.

Police said Cenat came out of his car and interacted with a large crowd, then left Union Square. Cenat shared news coverage of the incident on Instagram and advised people to be safe.

“I love you guys to the fullest you guys are amazing,” he said.

A woman who was shopping in the area of the chaotic scene said she hid in an ATM lobby.

“Everything was just bombarded with people,” she told WABC. “It was just hectic. The only thing I could think about was to keep my daughter safe.”

After Cenat promised to give away Playstations at Union Square, thousand showed up at the scene on Thursday. When the fans didn’t get what was promised, they threw objects they found from a construction site in the area, including shovels and axes. The crowd also set off fireworks which resulted in smoke. However, police said there were no shots fired.

During a briefing on Friday, NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey said it was an “unlawful assembly.”

“We’re not against young people having a good time, we’re not against young people gathering, but it can’t be to this level where it’s dangerous,” he said. “A lot of people got hurt today.”

Maddrey said also said some officers were injured during the chaos.

“We were crushed, we were pushed,” he said, adding that he was hit with “multiple objects.”

Several people had minor injuries and nobody was taken to the hospital, police added.

On Saturday, the Associated Press reported that Cenat is facing charges of inciting a riot and promoting an unlawful gathering.

Overall, 65 people, including 30 juveniles, were arrested.