Despite having made no official announcement that she plans to seek the U.S.' top job, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is already one of the frontrunners of the 2020 presidential election. And building on that excitement, the junior senator from California partnered with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to make a mock campaign ad for none other than ... Wakanda. 

In the mock political ad, Harris touched on important policies such as trade, the environment, social awareness and support for the military. 

"When it's time to battle, I have no problem doing my fair share and grabbing a spear. Don't let this outfit fool you," quipped the senator. 

Harris also referenced the moment Killmonger destroyed the heart-shaped herbs in Black Panther, noting that since she's from California, she could "repopulate that field with a bunch of different herbs." 

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She even vowed to shave her head like a member of the Dora Milaje — you know, for the culture. 

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Oh, and don't worry, she WILL protect the sanctity of vibranium. 

The senator recently also confirmed that she will no longer receive money from corporations and corporate lobbyists, reports the LA Times

"Money has had such an outside influence on politics, and especially with the Supreme Court determining Citizens United, which basically means that big corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money influencing a campaign, right?" Harris said in her interview on The Breakfast Club this week.

She added, "We're all supposed to have an equal vote, but money has now really tipped the balance between an individual having equal power in an election to a corporation. So I've actually made a decision since I had that conversation that I'm not going to accept corporate PAC checks. I just — I'm not."

You can view Harris' full interview with The Breakfast Club below: