Mixing business with family is more than meets the eye, but not when it comes to this new Bravo series.

Kandi Burruss first hit the reality television scene back in 2009 when she joined the The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) franchise, quickly becoming a fan favorite over the years, allowing fans insight into some of her most intimate relationships including those with her mother, Joyce, and her husband, Todd. 

Now, nearly 13 years later, she is introducing the world to the Old Lady Gang (OLG), the popular restaurant that she opened alongside her husband inspired by her mother, affectionately known as Mama Joyce, and her aunties Bertha Jones and Nora Wilcox, through a new Bravo show titled Kandi & The Gang. The new series is less about Kandi though, and more focused on the folks that keep the restaurant going.

“I think the cool thing about my family is that they’ve always supported me 110%,” Burruss told Shadow and Act in a recent interview along with her husband.

“It’s like they’ve always had my back ever since I was young,” she continued. “Every performance, they were there. They’re all rooting for me, but my mom has been a major part of everything that I’ve done over the years, even on television. Anytime I need my mom or my aunts to come film with me, they are always more than ready so now I find it to be super exciting that I’m able to shine a light on them now.”

Since its inception in March 2017, OLG now has two locations in Atlanta, Georgia and it is a southern eatery known for staples like fried chicken, southern mac ‘n cheese, and other delicious dishes inspired by some of Burruss’ childhood favorites. While it is a restaurant rooted in family and love, viewers will catch a bit of the nuance that comes with entering into the business with family which Burruss’ husband jokingly says not to do. 

“Don’t do it,” Todd chimes in, but Burruss wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to having her family at the front and center of OLG.

“It’s challenging working with family, but my thing is, family has your back,” Burruss shared.

“Throughout the pandemic, there were times that my cousins were the ones that kept me going. No matter what my cousins and my aunties were holding us down. We really had to stop my aunts from coming down to the restaurant until there was a vaccine for them because they wanted to kiss and hug everyone as they came through the door because OLG is theirs too and they want to make sure that it works and survives. Family goes hard for you.”

Both she and her husband say that the drama on Kandi & The Gang will be much different than what those that have been watching over the years might have seen on RHOA.

“On Kandi & The Gang, I think you’ll get to see a lot of transparency because I think after so many years, a lot of people don’t want to mess up their brand, they don’t want to show certain things when it comes to RHOA,” she said. “It’s not even really about Todd and me, it’s more so about the stuff that’s happening with everybody else that works there and this is their first season on television so they are extremely transparent about everything that they have going on. Another thing is that this series has more men than any other reality show that I believe that Bravo has.”

Todd adds that “it didn’t feel tense like on RHOA when you know you’re about to walk into some mess, this is more like family fun.”

On the other hand, as Burrus prepares for the 14th season of RHOA, and what’s her 13th season, she alludes to the fact that this season may be better than ever before.

“This new season is even better because the women are a lot more transparent,” Burruss revealed. “I’m just giving you that tidbit because it hasn’t come out yet, but it’s going to be really good in that way.”

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