In addition to all the wild ish Kanye West said during his meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office Thursday, there was also the matter of his iPhone.

As NPR reports, Ye pulled out his phone for receipts to back up his "points." It was locked, meaning he had to unlock it. He did so in front of a room full of cameras, and they caught his password.

In a video from the event, it seems the rapper hit the "0" button several times to unlock the device. The "0" button, and no other digits.

Twitter sleuths were quick to notice this sophisticated digital security:

Kanye. 'Ye. Yeezy. 


Not only did Twitter put Yeezus' password on blast, users on the site also took time to launch into their best roast fest:

It all fell down, indeed.

One user also wondered if Trump's cybersecurity is similar. "Birds of a feather flock together," after all.


Remember when 'Ye said his cousin swiped his laptop? Well, you making it too easy, bruh.

One user pointed out cybersecurity is nothing compared to Ye's perferred form of energy:

This lady asked the important questions, though:

Just in case y'all were wondering about the content his less-than-worthy security code protected:


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