Kanye West's celebrated return to Twitter started off with a bunch of semi-innocent philosophical tweets for his rumored "book." Everyone was happy to see the rapper back on the platform, but things quickly went left. Well, actually … they went right. Far right. 

Following his tweet about Candace Owens, West went a step further and tweeted about President Trump.

Perhaps y'all remember that time West was spotted on tape with Donald Trump looking awfully buddy-buddy, and having most of us scratching our heads in confusion. Well, now there's absolutely no question on how the rapper feels about Trump.

Wednesday, Kanye called the president his "brother."

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Later he tweeted a picture of his signed MAGA hat. Yes, West has one of those red hats:

To top it all off, Trump reveled in Yeezy's love-fest and thanked him; pretty much sealing their "bromance." 

Then all hell broke loose–in every which way–from folks "throwing the whole Kanye away," to fans grappling with the realization that "old Kanye" may be lost forever, to people celebrating Kanye as a new icon of the right, to people expressing real concern about his mental state. 

No matter what position people held, they all had questions—many, many questions.

Fox News basically celebrated after West's official Twitter support of the president:


And while the network was busy with that, others were cancelling West like a low rated television show:


The MAGA hat turned out to be the last straw for over 9 million people, every one of whom unfollowed Kanye less than 10 minutes after he posted the photo:

Quite a few users subscribed to the idea Ye is pretty much the poster boy for "there is no such thing as bad press" and is likely just seeking attention to help promote something personally profitable (like an album or two, perhaps?). The artist announced last week that he has two new records coming this summer, along with an album he produced for Nas.

Yeezy fans were in a glass case of emotions:

With Old Kanye looking at New Kanye like…

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While those folks were lamenting the past, others were hoping for a Kanye-in-the-White-House future:

Many people showed concern for the artist's mental health and well-being, which prompted a discussion and debate about mental illness:

The man behind the term "sunken place," Jordan Peele joined in on the trending topic:

Fans of other celebrities were quick to ask if their tweets were about Kanye, like when Jaden Smith and J. Cole offered the internet these terse tweets:

Musician Questlove just wanted to know what it was like to feel hopeful again. 

dear @VinceStaples can you just say something……anything….inspirational? for i just give up on mofos?— T'Questlove (@questlove) April 25, 2018

West came back to Twitter to "clear" up some things as well as let us know that despite the flurry of activity around him, he is perfectly fine and is the same Ye we've always known.

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