An old video of Gospel legend Karen Clark Sheard accidentally saying the N-word has resurfaced and now she’s finally opening up about the moment.

A YouTube video of The Clark Sisters member that’s made its rounds around the internet is a 14-second clip of the pastor during a sermon from several years ago. In the recording, she is preaching and talking to the congregation about the difficulties of dealing with some people when the N-word slipped.

“You got some folk that don’t have no oil on ’em and you gotta fool with them kind of folk, you know?” she said in the now-viral clip. “You gotta fool with n**gas, I mean, people. Oh, Lord.”

The church attendees didn’t crucify her as they can be seen and heard laughing at the Grammy winner’s slip-up. In a recent interview with Ty Cole for Baller Alert, Sheard opened up about that viral moment.

“Well, you know, I try to send out a message of love for everybody, you know? And I try not to be judgemental, but as long as we stick to the word of God I believe that you gotta let the word do the work. You know what I’m saying?” she told Baller Alert correspondent Ty Cole. “I don’t want to offend anybody. It’s all about love.”

Her response to the internet swirl was well-received by her community, who didn’t take her word choice too seriously.

“Detroit’s 💎 Gem, has one of the most kindest spirits with a gentle heart. Hands off!! No harm/ no foul. ♥️ Keep preaching 1st lady,” one person commented.

“Love her! auntie does no wrong in my eyes!,” another Instagram user agreed.

“😂😂😂 Tuh she might be a gospel legend but them Detroit roots deep and 🥷🏾s do be 🥷🏾ing,” someone else joked.