Kat Graham says that all she sacrificed for being on The Vampire Diaries will not be repeated if the show. and its universe returned.

In the event that The Vampire Diaries comes back or the franchise continues somehow after the cancellation of Legacies, the actress will not be returning.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress and singer revealed she has no interest in reprising her role as witch Bonnie Bennett in the show’s universe. 

"I mean, eight years, you know eight years of my life. I feel like I spent more time as a character than I spent as myself,” Graham said.

“I’m still that girl that was running around rogue, trying to play gigs and, I finally feel like, with especially all the films that I have – five films out this year, it’s my second album I’m dropping this year – I feel like I’m almost playing catch-up in a weird way as an artist.”

Graham portrayed the role of Bonnie on 'The Vampire Diaries' for eight seasons from 2009 to 2017.

The character was best known as the best friend to series protagonist Elena Gilbert. The Vampire Diaries was often criticized for creating Bonnie for the sole purpose of serving the show’s white leading characters.

“I feel like I gave that show, and hopefully the fans that watch it, eight years of my life and poured so much into it and sacrificed a lot of time with my family, even time doing work with the UN refugee agency, doing my activism,” the star continued.

Since her departure from 'The Vampire Diaries,' Graham has gone on to star in several roles, such as Jada Pinkett Smith in the autobiographical film 'All Eyez On Me' and April O’Neil in the animated film Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie.'

“So much of that has to get put on hold when you’re on a 22-episode series for eight years,” she said of The Vampire Diaries. “So, as grateful [as I am] – and I mean grateful because I grew from that show, I became who I really am in my twenties from that show – for me, yeah, the door is closed.”