There's only a few weeks left before it's officially 2019, and if you're like me and most people, you have probably set some goals at the beginning of the year. Also, if you're like me, you probably fell into a place where you didn’t feel motivated or inspired to achieve your goals. You probably got caught up in the scroll, browse and work trap, or felI into depression or got lazy. I fell into all three places many times this year, but came out using these tips to create a new positive mindset.

Here are 13 tips to help you get back to the I'm-going-to-achieve positive energy you had at the beginning of the year!

1. Recognize your progress

I was the absolute worst when it came to this. I used to always focus on what I hadn’t achieved and what I needed to achieve rather than what I've already achieved. When I had this mindset, I would always feel like l haven’t achieved anything because I always focused on where I need to go rather than how far I came.

I was being way too hard on myself and that led me to being depressed and unmotivated to do anything. However, once I trained myself (through affirmations, positive self-talk etc.) to recognize how far I came, I learned to be positive about my progress and felt more capable that I can achieve.

2. Be gentle on yourself …

… and also remind yourself that you are THAT B***H.


3. Look at the goals you wrote back in January for motivation

Literally, just look those goals and remember how motivated you felt to achieve them. That energy you had at the beginning of 2018 will come back again. If not intentionally, channel that s**t!

4. Create a list of doable and realistic goals to achieve within a reasonable timeframe

Create do-able goals that can be done from the time you read this 'til the end of 2018. Most of us, especially my a**, overestimate how much can be done. So keep it simple and realistic.

5. Understand that this process is a journey powered by you

Literally no one can do this but you. Keep in mind how you will feel on December 31 when you look on your list and see you got some s**t done vs. how you will feel when you look at your list and nothing was accomplished.

6. Stay positive


8. Do not wait

You can’t always rely on inspiration to get you moving. Sometimes the inspiration comes from starting the work.

9. Surround yourself with people that push you to be your best self

If the people around you are not of value to you, then cut them off, sis. It’s 2018, we can’t accept mediocrity anymore.

10. Self-care, bih

Taking care of yourself is important. Period. Keep up with your self-care routines to be at your best.


11. Revisit your "why"

Go back and remember why you chose the goals you are pursuing and the reason behind them. This will give you some vim (loosely translated from Twi, Ghanaian language, which means "energy") to work on your goals.

12. Get off social media

If you spend too much time on it and/or if you're not making money from it, drop the social media pages.

13. Keep yourself accountable

Remember that shit needs to be done regardless of how you feel. Or, to say it in a nicer way, you can work through whatever you are feeling whether it be sadness, laziness or stagnation, just work through it.


14. Be productive on your downtime

For example, one of the goals I set last year is to get my splits together and increase my flexibility. So, when I’m watching my ratchet TV, I stretch at the same time. Or, I write in my agenda to prepare for the next day, fold laundry, tidy my room — anything productive to counteract the foolishness I’m watching.