Keke Palmer and some of her supporters took offense after a Twitter user compared the actress to Zendaya. One fan resurfaced Fam0us.Twinsss’ “Hood B***h (Remix),” which features Palmer, on Twitter to make it clear that the 28-year-old is not like anybody else. The freestyle remix highlights Palmer’s incomparable resume, along with her unique story and unparalleled assets. 

“The devil work hard, but Keke Palmer work harder. Real-life legend,” the Hollywood star rapped. “I never changed just to make it.”

Continuing to highlight her individuality, Palmer freestyled about her family’s strong bond, her loaded bank account and her toned figure.

“Standing on the shoulders of giants that means I’m a queen,” she said. “Ass not fat, but it rock like Tina … I don’t need to chase fame because you already know my name.”