Read The Review Of 'DAMN' That Kendrick Lamar's Mom Texted Him

Talk about emoji brazy.

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| April 24 2017,

12:23 am

Kendrick Lamar's newest album DAMN. has been getting rave reviews. Despite backlash for the album's first single, "Humble," Kendrick's album is still receiving praise in the music world and beyond. Even Kendrick's mom gave her two cents about the album. 

We know our parents can be some of our biggest fans, so when Kendrick revealed a text message his mom sent regarding his album, we can't help but laugh. 

Photo: Instagram/@kendricklamar

The emoji-filled text message reads, “OMG. This CD is the bombbbb! You should of put me and your daddy on this one too. j/k. This your best one to me, no bullshit. Your daddy said u look stressed out on the cover lol. I said nigga that’s the point, we always stressing him out. Since a lil boy you been a over thinker though. But what you say, a nigga make it look sexy. Boy you can make a dog laugh. Lil ken ken milli rockin' to it. He so weak lolol Album is bomb bomb bomb bomb! I missed the Coachella stream...They say you was floating in air??!!! Your fans are some die hards. I love them.” 

Kendrick was more than amused by the text, responding, “You going emoji brazy. Who taught you 100?”

Even though Kendrick played it cool, we know he's probably hype that his mom recognized the effort and hard work that went into his latest project. There were nights that the rapper and his producers would sleep in the studio during the production of DAMN.

Now, Kendrick has also revealed his upcoming DAMN. Tour with Travis Scott and D.R.A.M.

Photo: Instagram/@kendricklamar

The tour begins July 12 in Phoenix, Arizona and ends with a homecoming to Los Angeles on August 6. Will you all be in attendance?