nullJust when you thought it was all over, the whole la scandale de Kevin Clash has now raised its ugly head again.

When we last heard about the whole affair, Kevin Clash's accuser, who has been identified as Sheldon Stephens, a 24 year old model with a previous criminal recordrecanted his story that he had been involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with Clash when he was a minor.

He released a statement saying that both of them had indeed been involved in a relationship, but that it happened when they were both adults, though of course, Clash is more than twice the age of Stephens.

But now, once again, there's been a turn of events.

Stephens has now, in effect, recanted his recant, and now says that he told the truth the first time, and that he was pressured by lawyers to deny his original accusation in exchange for a $125,000 payment that was arranged through the law firm of Andreozzi and Associates.

In fact, Stephens now has a new lawyer, and says that he will voluntarily give up the entire financial settlement claiming that he was pressured, under extreme duress, into signing the orginal statement denying the true nature of their relationship.

However this eventually winds up, it's pretty certain now that Clash will not be returning to Sesame Street in any way. Too much scandal. That chapter of his life is over.