TRUE CRIME DIASPORAA Kickstarter campaign for an intriguing project – based on available info – that has my attention, and that you might appreciate as well. The production team has set a $31,597 fundraising goal, with 22 days left to go until the campaign ends. 

Details from the content creators follow below…

"TRUE CRIME DIASPORA is an African Diaspora docudrama TV series that explores crimes and investigations involving Africans living in the United States of America. Our Pilot episode, “Dream Killer”, covers a story about a Kenyan man in Minnesota who brutally murdered his wife when he suspected she was cheating. A day later, he poisoned two of his children with a drug overdose. He tried to escape to New Mexico but was arrested when he ran out of gas and ran, half-nude in the Minnesota winter, to find a gas station. Many lucky families migrate to the United States in the hopes of building a better future. In the Minnesota story, a husband and father trusted to provide and protect for his family was driven by jealousy and the pressures of adjusting to a new culture, to kill his family, and inevitably, their dreams."

There’s more where that came from, which you can find on the project’s Kickstarter page here:

The production team includes Irungu Mutu, Jakki Kerubo, Loui Terrier, and Joaquin Jutt.

Below you’ll find a pitch video featuring the team, discussing their project; underneath is the Kickstarter widget: