It has been a long road for King James and the Cavs. After defeating the young and rising Indiana Pacers and the dominant number one seed Toronto Raptors, the Cleveland Cavaliers were stonewalled by the Boston Celtics in game one of the Eastern Conference finals.  

Boston seemed unbeatable scoring at will and holding James to fewer than 20 points. While that should have been the No. 1 story coming out of the 108-83 Boston victory, King James' basketball IQ became the main topic for discussion. 

A room of media members were taken aback when a reporter from the Akron Beacon Journal asked James what happened at the start of the fourth quarter after the Cavs came within 14 points to tying the game. 

"What happened," James responded with a smile on his face. "We ran them — the first possession we ran them down all the way to two on the shot clock. Marcus Morris missed the jumpshot, followed it up, they got a dunk. We came back down, we ran a set for Jordan Clarkson, and he came off and missed it.

"They rebounded it, and we came back on the defensive end and we got a stop. They took it out on the sideline. Jayson Tatum took the ball out, threw it to Marcus Smart in the short corner, he made a three. We come back down, missed another shot. Then Tatum came down and went 94 feet, did a Euro step and made a right-hand lay-up, timeout. There you go."

If you take a look at the play-by-play from The Cleveland-Plainsdealer, you can see that James was dead on with every detail. 

Photo: NBA