Kaylah Joseph, the founder of LAID Hair Care, has partnered with Walmart to debut the first Black woman-owned beauty supply store in one of the chain’s locations, with more to come.

The 28-year-old entrepreneur bet on herself many years ago, and her hard work has paid off. When her beauty store opens soon, she will be the first person in American history to have a hair supply franchise inside a food market center.

“No, it wasn’t enough for me to have my products SCANNING in 1200+ doors. It wasn’t enough when I saw seven figures. It’s not gonna be enough until everyone around me is able to create generational wealth, generational joy, and generational health because of my mission-focused company,” she captioned an Instagram post announcing the exciting news. “I don’t really ‘flex,’ because it’s not really my personality — BUT HUMBLY, I’m letting the internet world know I’ve worked my ENTIRE BEHIND OFF FOR YEARS to get here — and I’m JUST getting started! 🥂”

Joseph stumbled into the beauty industry after her hair started falling out in small patches. Following feedback from several licensed hair stylists, she learned that her hair follicles weren’t receiving the necessary nutrients it needed to flourish.

“After reviewing my hair with licensed professionals, I realized that the key ingredients my scalp and hair were missing were multivitamins,” she said in an interview with Huntsville Magazine. “So, I decided to create my own personal line of wash day products to initially just help myself grow back my hair. When my hair started thriving, literally blossoming like never before, I realized I was on to something and out of it, LAID Hair Care was born.”

Her hair products are available at Walmart and CVS locations nationwide, which weren’t easy partnerships to foster.

“I’d gotten rejected from every beauty accelerator program that I’d ever applied to, but I knew God had given me a vision of LAID Hair Care products being on shelves so I knew I couldn’t let the rejection stop me,” she said in the same interview with Huntsville Magazine. “I doubted my own ability so much that I paid a professional company to help me create a pitch for retail, then 24 hours before my pitch, I hated the pitch so much and worked through the night to recreate my entire presentation to where it felt more authentic to me, my brand and my customers.”

She continued, “The next morning, I said a prayer and thanked God for even allowing me to get to this point and I promised Him that day that if LAID Hair Care earned placement because of this pitch that Him and I crafted, that I would allocate 20% of profit directly back into causes that helped my community.”

LAID Hair Care offers four products: the Weightless Silk Me Out Shampoo and Conditioner, Hello Weighless Silkening Heat Protective and Shine Serum and Anti-Itch Scalp Soothing Growth Oil.

“Our hair needs vitamins and essential oils and most of our ingredients are found directly in nature and mixed in small batches to ensure product consistency,” Joseph said. “LAID Hair Care products are known to help achieve longer, thicker, fuller, and healthier hair by balancing the scalp by creating an optimal environment for hair growth. Our ingredients are known to improve blood circulation that is essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles thus strengthening the hair shaft, reducing hair breakage, and improving the overall quality and thickness of hair.”

Joseph is happy to be moving the needle for Black women everywhere and hopes to inspire others to chase after her dreams. The location and date of the grand opening of the first LAID Hair Care indoor beauty supply haven’t been disclosed at this time, but the rising beauty mogul is already celebrating.

“14 years of consistency! I went from flipping Jordans on @ebay during my high school math classes to getting my @laidhaircare products on shelves in the FORTUNE 1, @walmart, to strategically scaling into @cvspharmacy, to joining the ranks of billion dollar companies like @subway & @dunkin, with the most trailblazing partnerships of the century with Walmart!” she wrote via Instagram.

She added, “I am the FIRST PERSON EVER to bring a beauty supply store franchise inside the Fortune 1 company and we’re building out 100 more! @laidbeautybar is HERE 🥹🙌🏾”