LaKeith Stanfield made the best surprise cameo at the Oscars on Sunday.

Ceremony host Jimmy Kimmel delivered his opening monologue during which he warned Oscar winners that if their speeches went on to long, they'd be given a special warning rather than be drowned out with loud music.

The next thing you know, Stanfield ran frantically onstage screaming, "Get out! Get out!" 

If you remember, Stanfield's character Andre appeared at the very beginning of Get Out and got sucked into the sunken place, becoming a former shell of himself. In his most infamous scene, Chris (Kaluuya) took a picture of "Logan" (Andre's new "white" persona) with flash photography and Andre's true self came out as he issued Chris with the titular warning: "Get out!" 

Photo: GIPHY

Stanfield's Academy Awards appearance was super hilarious and extra dope because he wore the same costume that "Logan" wore in that unforgettable scene. 

Stanfield was also live-tweeting the Oscars on Sunday in a series of hilarious tweets: 

Get Out is nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor (Daniel Kaluuya).

Go LaKeith!