Lakeith Stanfield is a singular guy and has proven this is the case once again with a video he posted to Instagram in which he mocks white people who like do their best Sheneneh impressions during mundane conversations.

In the video, Stanfield plays a Black dad introducing his baby (played by a roll of tissue) to a white friend (also played by Stanfield).

“Oh my god, Black babies are so cute! I love Black babies,” Stanfield says while in his Chad persona. The actor also parodies a white person asking if the baby has a hood streak and inquiring about the whereabouts of his baby mama.

“Does she have like an attitude? Does she go like ‘Da-da?’” Stanfield asks using his white voice.

If this represents a lived experience, the Atlanta star needs new friends.

The new video isn't the first time the actor has addressed Anglo-Saxon shenanigans. 

In February, he spoke to a Becky who got in her feelings because she felt overwhelmed by her privilege. 

"I'm not saying you have to suck a n***a d**k or somethin', but recognize that you benefit and move the f**k on," Stanfield said in the video. "All we want is motherf***ers to leave us the f**k alone. That's what we want, so maybe a n***a can build Wakanda in this b***h or something."

It might seem like Stanfield is never acting given his offscreen opinions align with those he's offered while in character. However, he recently told Timeout London that isn't the case.

“Lately, I’ve been trying to do things that I feel just speak to me or where the character goes on a journey. I was initially wary of [playing] Darius [in Atlanta] because I was like, 'Where the f**k is this guy going? Like, what is this thing?' Then I realised that Darius was going where no one else has gone.”

He also admitted in the interview a scene eerily similar to the situation he addressed in his Instagram video from the trippy Sorry to Bother You film freaked him out. In the scene, a group of white people pressure Stanfield’s character to drop a freestyle:

“‘It’s so disturbing to have a group of white people screaming 'Rap!' at you. 'Rap! Rap! Rap! Rap!' It went on so long,” he said.

With all these stressful, racist encounters in his life, perhaps he needs to get out more, pun unintended. 

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