Marsau Scott of Love and Marriage: Huntsville has been defending his mother-in-law at all costs. He is standing behind Ms. Wanda amid her controversial comments and social media ranting regarding the paternity of Martell Holt and Melody Shari’s youngest child. Ms. Wanda has been receiving a lot of criticism from viewers for alleging that Shari cheated, and Holt may not the father of their daughter. But Scott says it’s not as simple as viewers think.

Marsau Scott shares his take

During a conversation with his fans on Facebook Scott stands by his opinion that Ms. Wanda meant no harm toward Melody and Martell’s child.


In fact, he says Ms. Wanda's dig was meant to hurt Melody after Melody took shots at Wanda online first.

“I simply disagree that the INTENT of Wanda’s comment THIS TIME was to attack the child. She has made disgusting comments before and I have never held her up in the wrong. In this case, she was talking about an adult having an outside child and putting it off on her husband. I agree, indirectly, you are talking about the child,” he wrote, per Urban Belle Mag. “I also don’t give a **** about who gets talked about because both were throwing stones on social media. You can’t throw a match and not expect a bigger one to be thrown back. To make it end, stop talking about people.”

Scott doubles down on both women needing to end all online shennigans

In another comment, Scott added: “I agree that they were both wrong and got what they been asking for. I’m ok with them getting into it and THEM fighting their own battles. The idea that she when on live to talk about the kids (in this case) is foolish. That’s like when they accused me of having outside kids- were they talking about the kids, or me? So when Mel told Martel ‘don’t you got a baby on the way’ was she talking about his son? She was talking about him. Wanda was talking about Mel.”