Some have it twisted. They think when chaos and challenges show up in people’s lives, that person must be doing something wrong. “They must have gone against the orders of God.” “It must be payback for something they’ve done.” This might be the truth in some instances, but definitely not the truth in all instances.

Some people are facing challenges because they have chosen to stand firm in their personal power. They’ve chosen to grab life by its horns and take it on the way they see fit, relinquishing any need for validation. These people are the creatives. They allow their passion and vision to lead their lives, held only by unshakable faith in themselves. They become the pioneers we crystallize in history as an anomaly of amazingness! They are our leaders.

We are often encouraged to surrender our personal power to that which exists outside ourselves and hold tight to the belief in an afterlife of grace and ease. But the creatives, they know the present is a gift and seize the moment with joy. They are brave enough to trust in the beautiful mystery that is life and walk the path of sovereignty in full understanding that they are the greatest authority over their own lives. They know they are the creators of their destiny.

Most people need certainty. The creatives live by purely knowing that all is working for their highest good all the time and they will always be where they should be. They know the magic of allowing their heart to guide them is the same as reliance on the love and guidance of God. The two are not different.

courage from creators
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Creatives know when you claim yourself as the prime creator of your life, bullsh*t will rain down on you in an attempt to put you back to sleep. Your spiritual muscle will be tested. Your belief in yourself will be called for intense examination on many days.

Life will fall apart as you know it, all an effort by the architects of the matrix to keep you deaf, dumb and blind. The agents will give it their best shot to discourage you! They will call you crazy, talk mess behind your back and ridicule you to your face.

Do not be moved.

All of this is to say – when you see another person’s struggle, when you have the honor to witness their challenges (an honor when you know they are expanding and are reminded of your own expansion), offer to assist if you can.

Encourage them to keep going, that their challenge is only temporary.

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Hold your judgments. Be compassionate. Celebrate their walk. Hold faith for their victory. Silence your criticisms.

If you can’t do any of that then please, just do nothing and shut the f*ck up!

Photo: Giphy

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