Champion, Olympian and actor LeBron James has decided to step into television with the announcement of a new sports medicine drama. LeBron’s SpringHill Entertainment just sold said drama to NBC. No title has been revealed yet, but it sounds like the premise involves the main character (a doctor) treating some of the best athletes in the world. After having health concerns of his own, the doctor’s approach to medicine changes.

SpringHill is the new kid on the block in the entertainment industry, as the company just recently signed a deal with Warner Bros. last year. Despite the new deal, they have a roster of experienced talent. Matt O’Neill (writer for Bait and Switch) will be writing the script with Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton (writers for the show Numb3rs). On the medical side, SpringHill Entertainment has brought on renowned orthopedic/sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews as an executive consultant for the series.

There aren’t many details out on this show, however Lebron James is making his statement clear that he’s not just trying to be number one on the basketball court, but in entertainment as well.

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