Singer Leon Bridges has dominated the music industry with his unique and smooth tone over beautifully-crafted melodies. Now, Bridges is gifting his fans the ultimate gift this holiday season with a remake of Marvin Gaye's "Purple Snowflakes."

Gaye originally recorded the holiday track in 1964 and it was included on Motown's Christmas Collection. Bridges said he was inspired to recreate the track almost 60 years later.

"'Snowflakes' is a song that, you know, I've always loved and I pretty much jumped out to the opportunity to put my stamp on it," the singer told Blavity of the song that was released on Wednesday on Amazon Music as part of its Amazon Original program.

"When I first heard I was going to do an Amazon Original, I immediately thought of the Marvin Gaye version of 'Purple Snowflakes,'" he said. "It's one of my favorite Christmas songs and I love the classic stuff but this one has a little bit more soul to it. There aren't too many renditions of this song and I wanted to kind of put my own spin on it as far as figuring out the arrangement and give it the Forth Worth, Texas, approach."

He adds that he hopes his version does the original classic "justice."

"It was a tune that was initially a love song called "Pretty Little Baby" and it's, it's just one of those deep cuts that, um, that, that was put on my radar back in the day," he said. "And I like immediately loved the song."

While the Grammy Award-winning artist settles into the holiday season, he told Blavity that he's looking forward to having some downtime with his loved ones and maybe even sipping on his favorite holiday drink, eggnog, which he acknowledges isn't a favorite among some people. 

"Christmas I'll be kind of ducking off to Hawaii with some friends and, you know, just kind of doing something a little different," he said of his holiday plans. 

Of his other hit songs like "River" and "Beyond," Bridges said he's grateful people choose his songs to create memories to, describing his musical sound as a combination of soul, R&B and even some hints of country and folk music.

"It's a lot of stuff in there, you know, and I think my new, my newest album Gold-Diggers Sound reflects a lot of my influences but it was my opportunity to just to really kind of flex my R&B muscle and just be honest about some of the music that, that inspired me kind of earlier in my career," he said, adding that sometimes he subconsciously includes those sounds into his music.

To listen to the newly released song, fans can ask Amazon's Alexa to "play the Amazon Original song by Leon Bridges." You can also check it out on the Amazon Music Holiday Originals playlist