The 3-day long Les Arcs Work in Progess event is part of the wider Les Arcs film festival, which runs from December 15-22

Showcasing 12 works-in-progress projects, each has been selected for European co-production deals – essentially, a showcase of films that are seeking potential international co-producers, distributors, sales agents, regional funds, etc).

One of the 12 projects selected this year is French filmmaker Léa Rinaldi's feature documentary, Esto es lo que Hay – a film the director describes as follows:

Through Los Aldeanos' daily life, the most popular and contesting hip-hop group of Cuba, the movie draws up an intimate and modern portrait of the new artistic and cybernetic revolution of the island, at the time of the old Castro regime transition. 

Los Aldeanos, initially an underground hip-hop group based in Havana, Cuba, was formed in 2003, and is made up of El Aldeano and El B. The group is famous (or infamous) for its Rap Cubano urgent style of hip-hop that's conscious of the social, political, and economical problems that aggravate Cuban society today.

They are said to be unabashedly vocal about their anti-status quo stance, and criticism of the Cuban government.

Los Aldeanos are also said to be one of many underground hip-hop bands that oppose the rising popularity of Reggaeton in Cuba, and openly condemn it, calling it "unconscious and negative music that detracts Cuban society from the ailments that continue to afflict society and instead focuses attention on the pleasurable acts of self-indulgence and dance."

Any Reggaeton fans in the house?

As noted, Rinaldi's documentary is a work-in-progress, and will seek further production/distribution deals at the Les Arc conference, which starts in about 11 days.

Not much media to look at yet, except the poster below.

More highlights from Les Arc coming…