Listen. Forget the "official" Olympic coverage. For all of you obsessed with the games like I am (and even if you're not), Leslie Jones is the one you need to go to for all of your Olympic needs. Leslie is here for every American athlete in practically every sport we're participating in, and we just love it

When Ginny Thrasher gave the U.S. its first gold medal for the 2016 Olympics, Leslie was right there to show her pride.

Maya DiRado swam the race of her life and came in second place, but as Leslie puts it, she's still a champion.

Isn't this just the best?

Chase Kalisz didn't win gold, but his silver medal was more than enough.

And she screamed like the rest of us when Michael Phelps won his 19th gold medal as the men won the 4x100m freestyle relay.

Leslie even showed support for gymnast Ellie Downie of Great Britain after suffering a scary fall on her floor exercise and making a comeback.

And you know she came through for Gabby and Simone.

What better way to end the night?

We're all just waiting for Leslie's commentary on the women's gymnastics finals and track and field. Clearly, it's about to be epic. Leslie's Twitter enthusiasm was so phenomenal that it caught the attention of NBC Olympics' executive producer, Jim Bell. He even extended an invite to Jones to join the Olympic coverage in Rio!

NBC better make that happen! Leslie Jones is clearly the one to motivate Team USA toward the gold.

Leslie wants to know if she should go.

And the answer is clearly, YES!

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