Let me start this off by saying if you haven’t watched the latest episode (Season6 Episode 8) of Scandal you may want to read this later.  I’m not one to give spoiler alerts but lawrd Abby brought me to this point.  If you have been watching (or stopped watching because last season was ok; you may want to hop back on because Shonda is playing with our blood pressure again).

After Huck was shot (Lawrd please say he ain't dead) the last scene we saw was Abby with the shady crew. Leaving us with the impression that she set him up; which had me all the way messed up so I was curious to know what led to that point.

And in this new episode, we now see every moment that let us to that fatal night; and it all comes down to one word…EGO.

In these steps we see how ego shows itself; but more importantly that it doesn’t always have to take over in one huge situation. If poor little Abby just made ONE minor adjustment it would’ve changed an entire sequence of events (I mean- I'm glad she didn’t because it made for great TV and an even better illustration). 

Let’s set the scene up…

The episode begins with Abby and Fitz having a conversation about where his library should be.  His presidency is about to wrap up and they are debating where his legacy should be placed.  Abby believes that the best place would be San Jose; while Fitz disagrees, and goes with Vermont (and we ALL know why he picks that; maybe still hoping for a happy ever after with Olivia? Let it go bro).

Step 1 – Voices in My head

Then she goes to meet with some shady donors who are looking to invest in the library. Though she gives a great pitch, they offer 300 million dollars and upfront you can tell this is about more than just a library. Then they begin to fill her head about what she should do.

How tired of you of working for someone else? 

Why not be the person in charge?

You should run and be the President of the United States.

People on the sideline will always spectate; looking for ways to build themselves up while they use you as a pawn. Have you ever been in a situation where someone wants you to confront a manager about an issue so if things go wrong, you are thrown under the bus and their hands are clean? Use discernment, everyone that is in your ear doesn’t always want to be for you (more likely just for them).

Step 2 – Manifest

At this point, we think because Abby used her common sense and shot down the offer that it is all over. But it’s the beginning of the episode so we know that more is about to unfold. She then visits our good ole' friend Cyrus; bringing him a $2,000 bottle of alcohol (it better be the good stuff that Jesus turned from water at that price) and he knows that something is up. Though she declined the offer at the meeting; she continues to ask Cyrus 495,034 questions; letting the voices from earlier grow a home.

Be careful how you follow up with the voices in your head. Though your mouth says no you may be planting a seed so that it will eventually come out of the dirt.

Step 3 – Tested

So, before they even discussed it further, Fitz creates a plan to move to Vermont after his term and Abby is PISSED! After she delivers a Shonda Rhimes monolog with special ending calling Fitz a child; he pretty much shuts her all the way down laying out the last 20 years for her. Then Abby hits him with the low blow “Olivia is not going to Vermont with you” (what I tell yall).  Fitz dismisses her giving her instructions to continue with the plan to go to Vermont.

The seeds are watered…

Now that this interaction has occurred I know she is thinking maybe the shady donors were right. But she automatically acts; moving off her emotions instead of logic.

When someone gets you turnt up; take a day to react, put down the phone, close out that email, step away from their office. Give yourself time to take the emotion out of it so that you can think; you will later be glad  that you did.

Step 4 – Ima show you

Now she pokes out her chest and thinks that she has the upper hand on Fitz. She thought that she proved a point and is about to teach him a thing or two for talking to her in the tone that he did. However, she didn’t know who she is dealing with either (we are not calling them “shady donors” for no reason).

At times when we act on impulse, we don’t realize the chain of events that can follow. We look at the now instead of paying attention to the bigger picture, simply because we wanted to poke our chest out for two seconds.

Step 5 – Welcome to the Shit Show

So because Abby wanted to prove a point she found herself in a predicament that she couldn’t get out of. How many times have our egos created a disaster?

I wouldn’t say that Abby was ever on her Kanye West, however, the small pieces created a monster. How have your little pieces been keeping you from your dreams? Your “that isn’t in my job description” or inability to assist an intern at your job may be at an all-time high. You may be exhibiting small displays of an ego that's creating bigger disasters than you think.

What if Abby would’ve humbled herself from the jump?

Well, President-Elect Vargas would be taking the oath, Olivia wouldn’t be mad at her daddy (…again), Command would be somewhere in love, Abby’s boo wouldn’t have a black eye, Cyrus never would’ve gone to jail, Jennifer would still be alive, and Huck…lawrd HUCK… don’t even get me started on that.

Is the moment of ego worth the aftermath?