Lil Baby‘s performance at the 2023 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards got a mixed reaction online.

The rapper, who attended the ceremony with his two sons, rapped “California Breeze” to the crowd. Even though the rapper performed a clean version of the song, clips of the performance had viewers scratching their heads, wondering if the song was too raunchy for a kids event.

“Who let Lil Baby perform at the Kids Choice Awards,” one viewer asked.

“Lil Baby performing at a kids choice awards is like Yo Gotti performing at a back to school tour,” another tweeted.

“Lil baby performing at the kids choice awards is wild af,” one added.

But not everyone was mad at the rapper’s performance.

According to Vibe, those at the showed loved it, as many attendees are shown dancing and singing along to the song.

At the end of the performance, Lil Baby bought his sons out on stage, which was another real crowd-pleaser.

Some viewers on social media loved it too.


“i had to thug it out and watch Selena Gomez & Miranda Cosgrove back in my day ….. BUT TODAY’S KIDS GET TO WATCH LIL BABY PERFORM AT THE KID’S CHOICE AWARDS THIS YEAR ????? Nickelodeon got some explainin’ to do frl,” a viewer wrote.

“OH HELL NO. Absolutely tf not. I know my generation… the generation that grew up with Jodeci and DMX on All That… is not complaining about this. YFL,” another shared. 

Watch the performance below and decide for yourself whether the show crossed the line.