McDonald’s has announced hip-hop star Lil Baby will be performing the Halftime Show at the 2022 McDonald’s All American Games on March 29, at Chicago’s Wintrust Arena. 

For the 45th time, The Games bring together 48 of the country’s best high school seniors this year. The Grammy-nominated and multiplatinum artist will grace the court with a high-energy performance for fans and players to enjoy. 

“I’m excited to perform the Halftime Show, especially because I’m a big basketball fan and have respect for these players, knowing what it’s like to go hard in the paint on your craft and chase your dreams to be the best. The McDonald’s All American Games are legit and I’m proud to be a part of it,” Lil Baby shared when asked about this year’s performance.  

Lil Baby Basketball Card / McDonald’s

For several decades, the McDonald’s All American Games have elevated the best high school basketball players into the next generation of greats, “where new aspirations are born and dreams are realized.”

Lil Baby will take the court during halftime of the Boys’ Game which begins at 8:30 p.m. CST.