Lil Rel Howery is calling on Black men, especially those in Hollywood, to listen to Black women.

The comedian and actor opened up about the support he’s received from Black women while appearing on Waka Flocka Flame and Desi Banks’ Wondery podcast, We Playin’ Spades.

In the Blavity exclusive clip from the podcast, the comedian and actor opened up about how it’s so important to seek out learning.

“Just being a student is so important,” he said. “And taking in information from people no matter who it is.”

Lil Rel said it’s even more important for Black men in Hollywood to do so.

“Honestly, with all of us being brothers here, n***as listen to Black women,” he instructed, adding that Black women “know every f**king thing, especially this f**king business.”

The comedian named Issa Rae and Ava DuVernay as examples of Black women in Hollywood who’ve cracked the code and are generous with their knowledge.

“If I have a real question, that’s who actually picks up the f**king phone,” he shared.

The Get Out alum explained that competition can complicate men offering support and advice to each other in Hollywood.

“N***as ain’t gonna tell you s**t sometimes, especially if they think we’re competing with each other,” he explained.

The rapper agreed with Lil Rel’s point.

“My mother is my biggest [fan], she’s the realest,” he said.

Flame continued, explaining that “its just different” with his “moms.”

“That’s my best friend,” he shared.

We Playin’ Spades sees Waka Flocka and Banks playing a game of spades while having conversations with guests.

Watch the clip below:

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