The Love & Hip Hop franchise is back for an anxiously awaited season in Atlanta and Shadow & Act Unscripted caught up with some of the cast to chat about the upcoming season.

From being vulnerable to providing newer folks on the scene with advice as veterans, there is never a dull moment amongst the ensemble for the second installation of the Mona Scott-produced production.

“I’m excited for fans to see me just being vulnerable,” said Sierra Gates as she prepares to return to the reality series. “[I’m] just really letting my guards down and my whole love situation this season, because in the past seasons I was this mean boss chick, just having that toughness about me. This time, I’m more pleasant.”

During the interview, she thanked Rasheeda for encouraging her to be open-minded when it comes to the relationships in her life. Additionally, she recalled how much she relates to her fellow Love & Hip Hop cast mate.

While it would seem that Rasheeda has taken someone like Gates under her wing, the series veteran revealed that it’s more about connecting with others on the show who are experiencing something that she has previously encountered.

“It’s not even about necessarily taking [people] under my wing,” she explained.

"It's just anytime people are going through things that I know I've experienced, and a lot of times I've gone through those same things, I remember I didn't have anybody to help me, Rasheeda told Shadow & Act.

“I just try to keep it real with them by being transparent,” she continued. “I always try to be a shoulder for people who know that if they call me they’re gonna be the real deal.”

On the other hand, her husband Kirk, enjoys being that person to lean on for the guys on the show.

“I talked to Safaree a lot because to me Safaree kind of reminds of like a younger brother and his decisions are sometimes a little more childish and immature, but he’s a fun person,” Kirk explained. “He just looks at stuff like a little brother would and I’m like, ‘You have to realize how serious people take you.'”

Another cast member, Florence, chimed in on the growth she's also encountered while on the show.

“A lot has changed from the time I started, I get to experience so much throughout the time I’ve been filming, and it’s crazy that I have to learn how to be the person that I am truly am to myself.”

This season, she will have to relive what she describes as a tumultuous time in her life, much like her castmate Yung Joc who raised eyebrows from the trailer that previews what this season is all about.

"I just ask people not to judge, even when it all plays out, don't judge," said Yung Joc.

“Sometimes you have to just try to step back and get a better view of what’s going on. That’s why people love reality TV, they get to let you look like a fool and they can talk about you,” he continued. “I think my evolution will definitely show that love. Put your seatbelt on and just ride out with us.”

Watch the full interview above.