Reality star Erica Mena has a lot going on in her personal life to make her emotional. On the most recent episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, the reality star gets the news of the monthly child support payments she would receive from her ex-husband, Safaree Samuels. The former pair were married for two years before they split and share two young children. While she’s happy the divorce is final, she’s disappointed at the amount Samuels has been ordered to pay.

Mena gets emotional in the recent scene

When Erica Mena learned of the amount she would be receiving from Samuels for child support as a part of their finalized divorce agreement, she broke down in tears.

During the scene, Mena discovered she'd receive 4,305 a month combined for both children.

“Are you fu***** kidding me?” she asks while crying. “Now all of this financial burden with my children is on me? That’s not fair ….Like, he doesn’t have to pay none of it? This is F*** up.”

In a previous scene, Mena revealed to her friends that Samuels cried in court claiming she made more money than him.

Mena filed for divorce in May 2021, accusing Samuels of cheating.