Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta took an emotional turn when Lil Scrappy confronted his mother, Momma Dee, about his hard upbringing. Fans of the show are aware that Momma Dee ran a drug house where pimps also used the home to house their prostitutes. Despite his love for his mom, he admits his childhood has negatively impacted him as a now-married father who struggles with his processing and expressing his emotions.

Scrappy gets emotional

As Scrappy and his wife Bambi deal with ongoing marital issues, Scrappy has determined this his childhood trauma is affecting his marriage. While at an event for friend and dancehall queen, Spice, the rapper opted to get things off his chest. Scrappy has been pissed with Momma Dee for telling some of the cast that he has filed for divorce, a claim that he had denied. 

Taking a step back allowed the rapper to realize that his mother's previous occupation as a pimp affects how he treats his wife. 

Furthermore, he’s upset at his mother’s constant attacks on Bambi. He confronted her by saying, “I just wanna say this. You my momma. This is my wife. I don’t have nobody if y’all ain’t with me. I don’t have nobody. All that talking sh*t cuz. I need y’all to show me cuz, for real.”

Momma Dee's berating of Bambi has caused an estrangement between the mother and son pair, which Momma Dee blames Bambi for.

“You got to stop ‘cause you don’t have nobody, that should make you support this even more because you know I want somebody,” he told his mom. “You know what I’m saying? Like I’m in love with this. All of this. You know what I’m saying?”

Scrappy then detailed watching his mother pimp for a living, noting that those images remain in his head and has altered his outlook and ability to connect with Bambi. “No. I saw your lifestyle. I grew up in a wh*r* house. I grew up in a trap house. So all I knew was that, you know what I’m saying? And I love you ‘cause you held it down and like you did what you had to do. But imagine, you never had to sleep with your momma 24/7 ‘cause you couldn’t go in your room. You never had to walk in on m*th*rf*ck*rs on dope," he told her.

“No this sh*t real cuz! This in my head! In my head my whole life. In my head! This sh*t I go through, I can’t even go to her [BAMBI] she hard. I can’t go to you, you hard. So I’m on the concrete my n*gg*,” he added.

Still, he credits his mother for the sacrifices she made, including jump-starting his career

“I ain’t taking nothing from you ‘cause you put me there. You put money in my sh*t,” he said. “You gave me sh*t to help my rap career and all that sh*t. Ain’t nobody do that but you. So I love my momma, and I love my wife.”

Momma Dee responds

Momma Dee understands Scrappy is in pain, and admits to her mistakes.  All she wants is for them to move forward in a positive place.

Watch the clip below