Love and Marriage: Huntsville star Kimmi Scott has been trying to bring peace between the Holts and the Scotts after the fallout from LaTisha Scott’s mother Miss Wanda constantly meddling in the group’s business. And Kimmi knows all too well how Miss Wanda’s behavior can wreak havoc as it’s been the case for her. She’s had her fair share of unpleasant interactions with Miss Wanda and never backs down. And just as Miss Wanda is a fierce protector of LaTisha, Kimmi feels the same about her adult son and has had to check Miss Wanda for crossing the line with her son Jaylin.

Kimmi can relate to Melody

The group has come to a decision that unless Miss Wanda corrects her behavior, she doesn’t need to be part of the collective or show moving forward. The decision came after the Holts, and the Scotts nearly came to blows over comments Miss Wanda made about the paternity of the Holts’ youngest child. Kimmi can relate to Melody confronting Miss Wanda over the comments because of her own history with her.

“Wanda and I, it’s not like we talk on the phone or anything. But even offscreen, we’ve still had some situations where I think Wanda has been out of pocket," she told Carlos King on the 'Reality With the King' podcast.

“Every person on this show protects their kids and their husbands, their wives, and whatnot,” she continued, as reported by Urban Belle Mag. “So we’ve had situations even still where Wanda in my opinion has spoken out of turn to my kid. And it’s not cool by me.”

She noted that while Miss Wanda has apologized in the past, the behavior has continued.

“The apologies after the fact, I think they get old. At some points, you just stop,” she said. “We’re still kind of back and forth because I just think she takes leverage sometime to say what doesn’t mean to be said.”

Kimmi feels Ms. Wanda takes things too far

Regarding Miss Wanda speaking out of turn to her son Jaylin, Kimmi admits she’s had intense interaction with Miss Wanda as a result.

“I feel there’s time she pushes the envelope. And as people have come to know me, it’s not very many people I give much leverage to in pushing that envelope,” she explained. “So it’s been hard cause she’s Tisha’s mom. It’s hard, she’s Tisha’s mom. So when she talks greasy to Jaylin, I’m gonna feel some kind of way.”

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