The D.C. spinoff for Love & Marriage: Huntsville hasn’t premiered yet but there’s already drama between former RHOP star Monique Samuels and a Huntsville staple, Marsau Scott.

Scott has been in hot water lately with fans and critics for taking a solo trip to Africa without his wife Latisha and three children. It should be noted that it was Scott’s first time to the continent, and would have been a first for his family as well. Samuels on the other hand recently went on a voyage to Africa with her husband and three children, and as reported by Urban Belle Mag, Scott had something to say about it.

Marsau Scott explains why he didn’t take his family with him to Africa

In the season premiere episode of Season 4 of Huntsville, viewers learn that Marsau took a self care trip to Africa without his wife and/or children. He says it was necessary.

“Thank you for understanding that I needed to go alone…I just wanted to dismiss [from everything] and over there my phone doesn’t work really, we’re on a different time zone, and it’s just like I wanted to break away from everything,” he told his wife while out to dinner. 

Latisha shot back, explaining that she too has a lot of responsibilities and balls she juggles. She also admits that she wasn’t initially on board with her husband of 15 years going out of the country by himself, adding that it was a “red flag.” She remains disappointed as she feels it would have been a great trip to experience together and with their children. But Marsau says he needed to get away.

In his confessional, he explained that he’s been experiencing depression of sorts. “I’ve been feeling worn down, maybe depressed, really depleted is the word with work, COVID, and everything going on in my life,” he said. “So I really just needed to take a step back, unplug, and reevaluate my life.”


The ‘Huntsville’ star shades Monique Samuels and she responds

One person besides Latisha who doesn’t agree is Carlos King, executive producer of the series. He revealed in an Instagram live that Marsau should have included his wife at minimum. Considering the couple were celebrating their 15-year wedding anniversary, it would have been a great way to honor that.

Samuels recently took her own family trip to the motherland and shared many great moments on social media while there and continues to do so now that she’s back home. But Marsau wasn’t impressed. “ meh,” he commented on one of her posts from their trip. 

Samuels wasn’t having it. “Next time take your…Nevermind ” she wrote in response. Many believe she was hinting that Marsau should have taken his wife and kids.