Lupita Nyong’o is officially in negotiations to play a starring role in the highly anticipated Black Panther movie coming in 2018.

The Academy Award winning actress has quickly become a staple in the film industry, covering leaps and bounds when accepting roles that many actresses would find otherwise challenging. She is a joy to watch on screen and her performance is never short on true emotion and authenticity that always shines through.

The character that she would play, if cast, has not been revealed, although it has been made clear that she would be the Panther’s love interest. T’challa has had several romantic relationships in the span of his comic book journey, the most prominent being Ororo Munroe – Storm, leader of the X-Men. Lupita as Storm is unlikely due to studio ownership, but having her as any of the Black Panther’s love interests would still be Black love goals on every level.

We all know by now that Ryan Coogler, the genius that brought us Fruitvale Station  and Creed is writing and directing the film. Chadwick Boseman will play the title character T’Challa, king of the Wakandan nation. If they cast Lupita in this film the trifecta, peak blackness triangle offense will be complete. This is the holy trinity of Hollywood melanin in the wealthiest, most technologically advanced, African nation known to mankind.

And we all get to see it during Black History month. C’mon son. This is a God dream.

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr

Boseman has already proved to us that he fills the shoes, and every other part of the suit, to perfection and he is the embodiment of what Black Panther should be, on screen and off. Coogler has shown his ability to humanize characters that seem larger than life, and tell stories in a way that is full of heart and emotion with carnally satisfying moments that pay off in a grand release of endorphins at critical moments.

All of my fan boy dreams have been answered. If you weren’t already excited for this film, I have no idea how you could possibly not be at this point. We’ll just have to wait and see if this becomes real or not, but I sure hope it is.

Black Panther is set to release in theaters on February 2nd, 2018 and production will start next year.

Can you imagine Lupita in the “Black Panther” movie? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Giphy
Photo: Giphy

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