A 5.9 magnitude earthquake has rocked the island of Haiti, killing at least 12 and leaving an estimated 188 people injured.

According to The Associated Press, seven people were discovered dead in the coastal city of Port-de-Paix early Sunday, October 7. Reports coming from the island's officials refuted those initial numbers of deaths. The country's interior ministry reported 12 people were declared dead as a result of the natural disaster. 

“I feel like my life is not safe here,” said nun Maryse Alsaint, director of the San Gabriel National School in Gros-Morne.

The school's 500 students will not be able to return to the school due to debris and wreckage.

Late Saturday night, October 6, around 8 p.m., residents reportedly felt tremors, indicating the start of the quake. The neighboring Dominican Republic and eastern Cuba were not affected. 

CNN has also reported the death count to be up to 12. The residents and government officials are leading clean-up operations in the northern region of the island. 

"I will make sure the proper state systems are fully mobilized to help the victims," President Jovenel Moïse tweeted.

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